Additional Details

It occurs to me that I should probably mention the main differences between v2 and v3:

  • Derived Bonuses are now Athletics (STR + AGI), Notice (INT + PER), Resolve (TOU + WIL), and Speech (INT + CHA). Because these are derived, they range from 0-6 naturally, and can be bought up four times, for a total bonus range of 0 – 10. By making these into derived skills, it frees most characters up from having to burn XP on things that most people pick up naturally without much actual training, but it also allows room for specific improvement in that area, should a player wish to make a character that excels at one or more of these tasks.
  • This also means Athletics is no longer a skill, and is now used to determine combat order.
  • Diplomacy and Intimidate are therefore also no longer skills.
  • Cinematics now cause or heal 3HP instead of 1.
  • Two-weapon fighter can no longer be used on ranged weapons at all.
  • Vicious Parry only requires you to beat your attacker by 3 when defending instead of 5.

There are some other small changes, but that’s the bulk of it!

As far as changes to Torata since v2, well, there are a lot, and there will be more. Though what I’ve released here is more than enough to write games in the setting, I’m definitely going to be tweaking it just a bit more before it’s truly complete.

  • The races are now heritages, which are more like extreme versions of ethnicities, rather than wholly different species.
  • The Undersun Empire is now Summerland.
  • The territory in the southwest is now called Sagemoor.
  • There is a nation to the southeast called Kololand.
  • Bridge was absorbed into Stoneroot.
  • Ironcoast is now Blackbeach.
  • Torata is currently undergoing an industrial revolution. Cutting edge technology as of the current day include a burgeoning railroad industry, the invention of hydrogen-filled blimps, and rumors of a telegraph.
  • Guns are now mostly pinfire, rather than muzzle-loading, though muzzle-loaders are a cheaper, if less effective alternative.
  • Magic has been overhauled for balance (one of the main changes was splitting Enchantment into Illusion and Enchantment, where illusion actually manipulates light to create a real image, while enchantment manipulates a target’s mind).
  • The economy has been overhauled as well, and is more balanced.

There’s still a lot of stuff missing, as I’m sure you’ll notice, but I’ll be adding it when I get the time. For now, enjoy what there is and as always:

Happy gaming!

Coming Up for Air

Hey there. You miss me?

So grad school’s been taking up my time lately, but I have managed to put a shiny new bow on those promises I made you all. In the sidebar you’ll find delicious new versions of the core rules and Torata!

They’re a little rough, but they’re a vast improvement on the last version, so eat up, Internet!

All is Not Lost!

Did you miss me?

Some of you may have thought I’d abandoned [2d6], seeing as how I haven’t posted anything since January. I would never abandon you good-natured bunch of content-hungry internetgoers permanently! Shame on you for thinking so, oh ye of little faith.

Grad school has, however, eaten up a massive chunk of my life this year, so I’ve had little free time with which to work on [2d6]. That said, I’m pleased to announce that production is back underway, and steaming along. I’m in the process of filling out a draft of Torata for V2 (all gussied up like the core rules in InDesign). But I’d never come to you with just empty words…


The glorious new map for Torata, complete with cities, nations, and a swanky new color scheme (inspired heavily by the aesthetic choices of Evan Dahm in Vattu). It’s replaced the lame old one in the sidebar, as has a blank copy for you to do…whatever it is you people do with my precious content. I’m working on some flags too, but you’ll have to wait for the Torata PDF to see them.


 – Josh

Fillable Character Sheet!

Ready for some awesome news? I’ve just finished a fillable PDF version of the 2d6 character sheet! It also fixed the error many of you may have noticed; that Resolve and Reflex were listed as being “4+ their respective stats,” a leftover from version 1.0.

I’m replacing the old link in the sidebar, so from now on you can use an official [2d6] character sheet whenever you game online!

Happy gaming!

New Map For Torata!

Hey everybody! I’ve got two shiny new maps for you!

The first is a map of Torata, complete with national boundaries. The second is the same as the first, but with labels for the names of the different nations. The more observant among you may notice that the names on the map don’t quite correspond to those in the Torata PDF. That’s because a few additions have been made since that PDF was published. The Undersun Empire has been changed to the Empire of Redland, and the nations of Cranberry Bay and Sagemoor have been added.

Cranberry bay is a rainy, lush region in the west of Torata where the quiet, rustic atmosphere is punctuated by the odd visit from a Glasseater caravan, and the cities are run by the gnomish crime dynasty of the Nozevi. Sagemoor is parched and flat, a savannah region in the southeast of Torata where hundreds of different varieties of sage grow under the baking sun. The nights there are dominated by biting insects and rodents, and poor villages cluster near water sources like flies to a corpse.

So keep a lookout for more updates and happy gaming!

– Josh

Rough Copy of Torata V2 is here!

Hey everyone, I know posts have been sparse of late, but I have a solid chunk of content for you this time!

Here’s the result of months of writing, revision, and playtesting, [Torata] version 2.0!

While this is by no means a final release, it’s enough to get a general idea of the setting so that you can run games in Torata. Soon to follow will be a decent looking map (for now you’ll have to use the Teaser Map I posted earlier and fill it in using the geography chapter of the Torata pdf.

That’s all for now, enjoy Torata and happy gaming!

Update as of 4 December 2013

Hey all, just a quick update to let you know you’re not forgotten!

Torata is coming along nicely. I have a draft made up (just text, no fancy graphics) that I’m going to be playtesting heavily in the coming months.

In addition, there’s going to be a revision of the rules in the near future. Nothing major, but item qualities will be tweaked among other things, and additions will include quick-reference tables for skills, talents, and item qualities, as well as an index and glossary in the back.

On a more personal note, I’m finally moved into my new place, grad school is going well and I’m getting married on Friday! Yipee!

Happy Gaming, Internet!

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