On the Horizon

Now that I’ve tackled the Gamma rules, and the core content is set for a while, I’m going to be working on several other things:

Fantasy Setting: the world of Torata is getting a major makeover, and will be much more coherent in the near future.

One-Shots: I’m going to be making several one-shot adventures in case you’re feeling bored. I’m not revealing too much just yet, but one will involve a trip to the spirit world, and another will be set in the inky black void of spaaaaaaace!

Site maintenance: I’m going to be fixing the broken links on the site and reshuffling some of the pages to make everything a bit easier on the eyes if you know what I mean… *wink* no but seriously, this place is a mess and I’m going to be cleaning it up soon, I promise.


About joshuagager
I'm a Senior Biology student and Independent RPG designer. I like words, food and dice. Also, I'm quite fond of plants.

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