On Broken Promises

So I’m sure that if you’ve been browsing the site recently you’ve noticed I haven’t made good on my promises of delicious content over the holiday season. It’s not that I forgot about you, I can assure you. Just seeing the steady, everyday traffic warms my heart with the knowledge that someone out there is actually reading this. So, an explanation is due to all of you 2d6ers out there:

Over the course of my winter break, I began to notice a few flaws in the fundamental mechanics of 2d6. At first i though they weren’t a big deal, but i soon realized they had led me to overlook a critical area of mechanic-building, most prominently, that my DCs were almost entirely arbitrary. With that in mind, I set out to rework the system from the ground up. Unfortunately, this meant revising and rewriting a significant amount of the core content of 2d6. This is what’s been holding back all those updates I promised.

However, I am proud to inform you that the retooling is finally complete. Within the next couple weeks, I’ll be editing the final product to ensure that it’s free of conflicting information, errors, and layout problems.

Once that’s all done, I’ll publish the new Delta Edition, the last revision before the full release. This is still going to be in the OpenOffice, black-and-white, low-production-value style you’ve come to know and love for the moment.

Thankfully, my wonderful girlfriend has agreed to help me design and layout a much more professional-looking version of the rules for the full release (eventually).

Once the Delta edition is published, I’ll be focusing my attentions on finishing Torata, followed by several one-shots for various genres to keep things interesting.

See you later 2d6ers, and good luck in your games!


About joshuagager
I'm a Senior Biology student and Independent RPG designer. I like words, food and dice. Also, I'm quite fond of plants.

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