Hard Scifi Write-Up and Torata Developement

Hey all! I know things have been slow in the publishing aspect of 2d6 lately (Organic Chemistry II and the GREs have been kicking my ass), but I have managed to eek out a bare-bones writeup for that scifi setting I promised, complete with shoddy, black-and-white, pen-and-ink map!

The setting is called Light of a New Sun, and it’s going to be on of three co-projects I work on for the foreseeable future, along with Torata (which I’ve had some good ideas for recently), and the tweaking and tuning of the core rules.

To elaborate on my earlier post for anyone who cares to listen, I’m redesigning Torata once again. The changes won’t be quite as dramatic as last time, but there will be some fundamental differences to the setting. First off, the Dwarves will be downgraded in power somewhat. As was pointed out to me by the astute Mark Ishman, they felt a little too much like a plot device and not enough like a player race. Their total hegemony over the Humans and Gnomes was too constricting and forced almost any game run in the setting to involve Dwarven politics in some regard.

In addition I’m going to pull the magic and politics back to a more folklore-esque aesthetic. I initially set out designing the setting as a realistic take on a sort of fairy realm. I was trying to answer the question: What would life actually be like if there were multiple different sentient species living in close proximity, not to mention magic abound?

With this goal in mind I got a bit carried away on the political and economic aspects, and let the hearthside-tale feel of the whole thing fall by the wayside. With this in mind, I’m redesigning the setting to be truer to its roots. That’s all I can say for now, but I promise I won’t disappoint!

Enjoy your evenings, people of the internet.

– Josh



About joshuagager
I'm a Senior Biology student and Independent RPG designer. I like words, food and dice. Also, I'm quite fond of plants.

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