Progress Update: 10 February 2013

I’m delighted to announce that I can actually provide you all with a bit of content today!

After months of writing, revision, playtesting, and editing, the core core rules for 2d6 v2 are finally solidified. Lack of access to a computer with InDesign has stymied production for the moment, but now that the rules are nailed down, I managed to produce the next generation of character sheet!

Production on the pdf for the v2 core rules will take a while, and honestly, I don’t expect it to be ready until sometime this summer, but I’ll outline the finalized changes here for those of you who may want to implement them in playtesting:

  • Players now begin with 50XP (or more depending on your desired level of play) to distribute among Stats, Skills, and Talents at character creation
  • “Wounds” became “Health,” which is equal to 10 + Toughness
  • Energy was added as a mechanic for spellcasting and nonlethal damage, and it’s equal to 10 + Willpower
  • “Initiative” became “Reflex” to cover dodging traps etc. as well as combat order
  • “Athletics” is now a derived stat (like Resolve and Reflex) equal to Strength + Agility
  • “Notice” became a derived stat equal to Perception + Intelligence
  • New Combat System Outlined Below*
  • Armor now give damage reduction of 1, 2, or 3 for Light, Medium, and Heavy
  • “Race” became “Species” (I’m a biologist, and this always bugged me)
  • New Magic System Outlined Below**

*New Combat System: When an attack roll is made, the amount by which the attacker beats the defender is the damage done. Armor reduces this damage by 1, 2, or 3 points per attack (light, medium, and heavy armors respectively). Certain amounts of damage done in a single roll can be traded for combat moves as given below:

  • Disarm – 3 points
  • Trip – 3 points
  • Shove (5 feet) – 3 points
  • Incapacitate limb/organ (temporarily blind/deafen) and do 3 points of damage – 8 points
  • Sever limb and do 5 points of damage – 10 points

In addition, any attack can be done either as health damage or energy damage (if the damage is done as energy damage, you can only trade points for disarm, trip, and shove. When a characters energy drops to 0, they pass out. The talent “Improved Knockout” can be bought for 5 XP and doubles any energy damage done by a character.

Combat moves must be announced before the roll is made. If the result doesn’t give the attacker enough points to do the move, the points are simply done in energy or health damage.

**New Magic System: Spells are still taken as talents, and cost between 1 and 10 XP. Their cost in XP is equal to the amount of energy expended in casting the spell. That means that every time a wizard casts a 3XP fireball spell, it drains 3 energy. As with combat, if a character’s energy hits 0, they pass out.

When an opposed check is appropriate (for instance, a mindreading spell) both the caster and the target make opposed Resolve checks against each other. The defender always wins in the event of a tie. For some spells (like a fireball) Resolve vs. Reflex or a combat skill is more appropriate. Just as with combat, the amount the caster beats the defender by is the amount of damage done.

Energy and Health Recovery: Health recharges at a rate of 2 HP per day of bed rest and good food. This can be doubled (4HP/day) with a successful Heal check. This rate is halved (1HP/day) if the character isn’t resting or eating well.

Energy recovers at a rate of 1 EP per hour while awake, and 2 EP per hour while asleep. A full meal will recover 1-3 EP instantly depending on the quality of the food (this can only be used to recover a maximum of 9 EP per day)

There are some other small differences, but these are the big ones that you need to know if you’re interested in playtesting the new rules before the actual text is out.

Remember, playtesters who submit feedback get a credit in the next edition!

Until next time,

 – Josh


About joshuagager
I'm a Senior Biology student and Independent RPG designer. I like words, food and dice. Also, I'm quite fond of plants.

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