Rough Copy of Torata V2 is here!

Hey everyone, I know posts have been sparse of late, but I have a solid chunk of content for you this time!

Here’s the result of months of writing, revision, and playtesting, [Torata] version 2.0!

While this is by no means a final release, it’s enough to get a general idea of the setting so that you can run games in Torata. Soon to follow will be a decent looking map (for now you’ll have to use the Teaser Map I posted earlier and fill it in using the geography chapter of the Torata pdf.

That’s all for now, enjoy Torata and happy gaming!


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I'm a Senior Biology student and Independent RPG designer. I like words, food and dice. Also, I'm quite fond of plants.

4 Responses to Rough Copy of Torata V2 is here!

  1. jackie says:

    i ve just read your work on 2d6 and i find it amazing! im using it soon;but i have a question: have you intentionally removed all the bonus on some weapons? i mean; a sharp Katana does +3 damage but a normal sword has a simple +0, at the same level of a fist or a club?

    I am brewing a magic system myself that can blend perfectly. If i ever write it, i’ll let you know if you want! Cheers and good job!

    • joshuagager says:


      You got me! The item qualities are the aspect of 2.0 that received the least playtesting. They were added at the end of the design process, and I’ve been working on them ever since. Actually the next revision in the rules is largely going to be a revamp of item qualities. “Brutal” and “Sharp” are going to replaced by some sort of “extra damage” quality that allows a user to deal extra damage based on a specific stat.

      For instance, “Brutal” will enable a character to add 1-3 extra points of damage, so long as they have a minimum Strength score of at least the bonus of the weapon. Thus, a Brutal (+2) Greatsword would require at least +2 Strength to use, and would do an extra +2 damage on a successful hit. The finer points haven’t been worked out yet. Grad school and marriage have been taking up a lot of my time lately, and I’ve recently moved a bit farther away from my old gaming group, but we’ve begun using a lot of roll20 to make up the difference.

      As far as a comparison between weapons, I’ve always been of the mind that you can do just as much damage with a fist as a sword, provided you know how. That said, there are no enhancements for unarmed fighting. I think this is both fair and realistic, since unarmed fighting allows you to grapple (a powerful move in 2d6), while a sword has the potential to do much more damage than a fist (if it hits).

  2. jackie says:

    of course, you can kill equally without weapons (like steven seagal), but its always easier with a blade or a club of any kind, so i think that any kind of weapon should have a +1 at least, acumulable with the brutal or sharp bonuses. If we go into the modern settings, a shotgun should do more damage than a gun, and they all use the same skill (shooting) But thats just an opinion of mine, man. In any case, your game looks balanced perfectly and im eager to try it. I just wanted to tell you about the litle things i might add when i do it.

    Thanks for replying!

    • joshuagager says:

      Well, the way i look at it, a dull, poorly balanced sword is going to be pretty hard to deal damage with. Even if you hit, a dull blade or a light club isn’t going to do much more than a well-placed fist. Of course, you are right. In reality even a blunted sword would do a bit more damage than a fist. However, [2d6] is a simulated game engine, and a streamlined one at that. Sometimes for narrative flow, game balance, and speed accuracy must be forsaken for style.

      That said, I think you’ve swayed my opinion. I’m going to start playtesting with the rule that any weapon has at least a +1 damage bonus (though you still need at least a +1 of the corresponding stat to wield it effectively). This would be a nice counter to the fact that unarmed combat is more versatile.

      As far as guns go, there are definitely big differences. The rules for guns in Torata (a fantasy setting) essentially go by the rule that the more damage the gun does, the more likely it is to backfire. In a more modern setting, certain guns would certainly do more damage than others, though a shotgun could go one of two routes:

      Either you could use a slug, which would deal extra damage, or you could use shot, which would do less damage but act as an area effect. I’ve only toyed with rules for modern guns so far, but there will be a hard scifi setting in the future, so if you keep checking back I’ll get something worked up eventually : )

      And as I always say, if you and your group report back with playtesting data, you’re all entitled to credits in the next revision.

      Let me know how it goes, and happy gaming!

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