Additional Details

It occurs to me that I should probably mention the main differences between v2 and v3:

  • Derived Bonuses are now Athletics (STR + AGI), Notice (INT + PER), Resolve (TOU + WIL), and Speech (INT + CHA). Because these are derived, they range from 0-6 naturally, and can be bought up four times, for a total bonus range of 0 – 10. By making these into derived skills, it frees most characters up from having to burn XP on things that most people pick up naturally without much actual training, but it also allows room for specific improvement in that area, should a player wish to make a character that excels at one or more of these tasks.
  • This also means Athletics is no longer a skill, and is now used to determine combat order.
  • Diplomacy and Intimidate are therefore also no longer skills.
  • Cinematics now cause or heal 3HP instead of 1.
  • Two-weapon fighter can no longer be used on ranged weapons at all.
  • Vicious Parry only requires you to beat your attacker by 3 when defending instead of 5.

There are some other small changes, but that’s the bulk of it!

As far as changes to Torata since v2, well, there are a lot, and there will be more. Though what I’ve released here is more than enough to write games in the setting, I’m definitely going to be tweaking it just a bit more before it’s truly complete.

  • The races are now heritages, which are more like extreme versions of ethnicities, rather than wholly different species.
  • The Undersun Empire is now Summerland.
  • The territory in the southwest is now called Sagemoor.
  • There is a nation to the southeast called Kololand.
  • Bridge was absorbed into Stoneroot.
  • Ironcoast is now Blackbeach.
  • Torata is currently undergoing an industrial revolution. Cutting edge technology as of the current day include a burgeoning railroad industry, the invention of hydrogen-filled blimps, and rumors of a telegraph.
  • Guns are now mostly pinfire, rather than muzzle-loading, though muzzle-loaders are a cheaper, if less effective alternative.
  • Magic has been overhauled for balance (one of the main changes was splitting Enchantment into Illusion and Enchantment, where illusion actually manipulates light to create a real image, while enchantment manipulates a target’s mind).
  • The economy has been overhauled as well, and is more balanced.

There’s still a lot of stuff missing, as I’m sure you’ll notice, but I’ll be adding it when I get the time. For now, enjoy what there is and as always:

Happy gaming!


About joshuagager
I'm a Senior Biology student and Independent RPG designer. I like words, food and dice. Also, I'm quite fond of plants.

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