2d6 is a Role Playing Game system devised by Joshua Gager, Micah Brandt, Mark Ishman, and a number of other friends, cohorts, cronies and countrypeoples over the course of several years. Its aim is to give newer gamers an easy way into the RPG scene, as well as to give casual gamers and those who favor rules-lite systems something to run a quick game with.

The pros:

– Character creation takes less than an hour.

– No endless disputes about minutiae or wasted time spent looking up elaborate strictures for that hyper-specific situation you’ll only ever run into once.

– Fast-paced, balanced, realistic combat

– Total flexibility – 2d6 can be used for anything from traditional swords and sorcery to a space opera or a film noir murder mystery.

– This website dedicated to providing the system and a metric crapton of user-generated content completely free (though there will be ads at some point).

The cons:

– difficult for power gamers

– rules lawyers may find it tough to trip people up with obscure technicalities

– very addictive

– women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant should not use 2d6 unless they want their children to grow up with a sense of wonder and creativity. Discontinue use immediately if you notice rapid thought, increased blood flow, dilated pupils or a tendency to sit on the edge of your seat. Delusions of grandeur, while uncommon, may result from prolonged 2d6 use. Consult your local Narrator if you experience any of these symptoms.


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