Rough Copy of Torata V2 is here!

Hey everyone, I know posts have been sparse of late, but I have a solid chunk of content for you this time!

Here’s the result of months of writing, revision, and playtesting, [Torata] version 2.0!

While this is by no means a final release, it’s enough to get a general idea of the setting so that you can run games in Torata. Soon to follow will be a decent looking map (for now you’ll have to use the Teaser Map I posted earlier and fill it in using the geography chapter of the Torata pdf.

That’s all for now, enjoy Torata and happy gaming!


Rough Copy of v2!

Hey everybody!

I was going to wait until I had the final, polished-up version2 core rules to give you, but I just couldn’t wait. You’ve all been exceedingly patient, so here you are: the [2d6] Core Rules v2.

You may notice a few changes from what I said was going to be different in the previous post. Chiefly, that stats go from 0-3 and skills go from 0-7. After a lot of playtesting, we realized that it leaves a lot more room for character progression this way, as well as placing a stronger importance on a character’s training in a  given field (which, to us, seemed more realistic).

You may also have noticed (no pun intended) that Notice and Athletics are still skills, and never made the switch to derived bonuses. This decision came about after a lot of playtesting. Since things like stealth are opposed by notice, and derived bonuses start at a minimum +4, it threw off the balance of stealth pretty heavily, since notice could be bought for much less XP than stealth. The same goes for using Athletics to defend in combat.

The character sheet v2 in the sidebar has been switched to a newer version to reflect this. Also, Reflex is spelled correctly on this one (thanks ketura!). : P

I’m going to be doing minor polish stuff like formatting text and checking for mechanical errors, so the copy of the rules that’s up right now is going to be replaced once that happens, but the mechanics are staying the same.

Thanks for sticking around, and happy gaming!