Fixes and Goodies!

Hey all you Torata faithful!

The new character sheet for the Gamma ruleset is now up, as is the html version of all the Torata content. Yay! Content! Glorious Content!

Go explore the wild uncharted regions of Torata, or try to depose the oppressive Dwarven Empire in an elaborate game of political subterfuge. Dive for treasure in sunken wrecks of the southern coast or learn magic from the Runewrights’ Guild. Anything is possible, so get out there and adventure!


Maiden Voyage

Here it is Ladies and Gents, your very own resource for all things 2d6!

My name is Joshua Gager, and I’ve spent the last few years putting together this little beauty of a system with a lot of help from my friends. After countless hours of brainstorming, editing and playtesting I give you the newest member of the RPG scene: 2d6.

2d6 is meant to be a completely universal role playing-system aimed at new and casual gamers. Great for first-timers, one-shotters, or just those of you who are tired of the needlessly complex rules that seem to plague the gaming industry.

If this is your first foray into the world of gaming, I suggest you check out “The Basics” under the Rules tab above.

If you’re a seasoned gamer: 2d6 lies somewhere between Savage Worlds and Risus. It has enough complexity to give your characters depth, and offers enough customization to allow for endless replay value, while keeping things simple as far situational rules go.

All you need to play the game (as is implied by the name) are two six-sided dice and your brain.

Plans for the future include making a user submission form so that you 2d6ers out there can submit your own content (items, characters, plots, even whole game worlds!), a forum, and the first major premade setting, my own twist on a traditional swords and sorcery fantasy world.

To Download the PDF, just click here!

Now get out there and Game!