News 2.15.2012

For those of you who may not have been hanging around the reddit RPG board, here are a few of those scrumption updates I promised!

The first is the creation of a 2d6 subreddit where you can talk about, playtest, and help create 2d6! You can find the link here.

The second is the beginning of a comprehensive wiki for the world of Torata. So far the only thing up is the information pertaining to races, but its growing by the day. Soon to come are the languages, currency, magic spells and, of course, history and geography of the Toratan continents. You can find the official Torata wiki here! I’ll still be working on the pdf version in conjunction, so updates will take a while, but I can guarantee this is the final revision of Toratan history/continuity. Any changes that happen after this will build on the existing story.

Thanks for sticking with 2d6 through this slow patch everyone. Now get out there and game!