So, as promised, here is 2d6 Delta edition! It’s tweaked, polished and adjusted to be more streamlined, realistic, and balanced. Changes include:

– a simple XP system rather than separate points for skills and talents

– items no longer give a bonus on checks, they’re simply useful for doing things

– nothing but skills and stats gives numeric bonuses, other buffs mostly allow rerolls

– more organized mechanic and elimination of arbitrary DCs (if you’d actually like to know how this works, email me and I’d be happy to sahre, but I’m not going to bore all the people who don’t like probability here)

– Bookmarks in the PDF!

– minimum DCs for magic spells

– probably other things I forgot to mention!

You can download it here, or you can click the link in the sidebar. I’ll be working on putting up the html version of the rules over the next week or so, and then it’s full steam ahead for Torata!

Happy gaming!