All is Not Lost!

Did you miss me?

Some of you may have thought I’d abandoned [2d6], seeing as how I haven’t posted anything since January. I would never abandon you good-natured bunch of content-hungry internetgoers permanently! Shame on you for thinking so, oh ye of little faith.

Grad school has, however, eaten up a massive chunk of my life this year, so I’ve had little free time with which to work on [2d6]. That said, I’m pleased to announce that production is back underway, and steaming along. I’m in the process of filling out a draft of Torata for V2 (all gussied up like the core rules in InDesign). But I’d never come to you with just¬†empty words…


The glorious new map for Torata, complete with cities, nations, and a swanky new color scheme (inspired heavily by the aesthetic choices of Evan Dahm in Vattu). It’s replaced the lame old one in the sidebar, as has a blank copy for you to do…whatever it is you people do with my precious content. I’m working on some flags too, but you’ll have to wait for the Torata PDF to see them.




Map Teaser

To make up for the lack of recent updates, here’s a horrible photo realtively decent scan of the new Torata map I’ve just finished the basic layer for. I’ve got one artist lined up at the moment to start illustrating both the core rulebook and Torata, and I’m replacing the old Torata link with a link to the updated pdf, which has almost everything but fancy layout and pictures. Additions since last time include, but are not limited to:

– a list of talents and skills from the core rulebook that are prohibited in Torata (this was shorter than re-listing all the talents and skills again), as well as descriptions of racial talents

– laws of Torata

– plot hooks for GMs

– fixed some errors and expanded some sections including historical timeline, diseases of Torata, races of Torata, and the land sections

Apologies in advance for the lack of bookmarks, poor layout, and generally shoddy appearance of the pdf, I’m working off my netbook during this internship, so I’ve got no Full Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator to make things pretty.

Thanks for sticking around, now get out there and game!

– Josh

News 2.15.2012

For those of you who may not have been hanging around the reddit RPG board, here are a few of those scrumption updates I promised!

The first is the creation of a 2d6 subreddit where you can talk about, playtest, and help create 2d6! You can find the link here.

The second is the beginning of a comprehensive wiki for the world of Torata. So far the only thing up is the information pertaining to races, but its growing by the day. Soon to come are the languages, currency, magic spells and, of course, history and geography of the Toratan continents. You can find the official Torata wiki here! I’ll still be working on the pdf version in conjunction, so updates will take a while, but I can guarantee this is the final revision of Toratan history/continuity. Any changes that happen after this will build on the existing story.

Thanks for sticking with 2d6 through this slow patch everyone. Now get out there and game!


So, as promised, here is 2d6 Delta edition! It’s tweaked, polished and adjusted to be more streamlined, realistic, and balanced. Changes include:

– a simple XP system rather than separate points for skills and talents

– items no longer give a bonus on checks, they’re simply useful for doing things

– nothing but skills and stats gives numeric bonuses, other buffs mostly allow rerolls

– more organized mechanic and elimination of arbitrary DCs (if you’d actually like to know how this works, email me and I’d be happy to sahre, but I’m not going to bore all the people who don’t like probability here)

– Bookmarks in the PDF!

– minimum DCs for magic spells

– probably other things I forgot to mention!

You can download it here, or you can click the link in the sidebar. I’ll be working on putting up the html version of the rules over the next week or so, and then it’s full steam ahead for Torata!

Happy gaming!


I’m proud to announce that the new Beta rules for 2d6 are here, hot off the digital press!

You can download the pdf here, or you can simply browse the html version in the Rules tab above!

Many thanks to Micah and Josh Brandt, Mark Ishman, and all the gamers at both giant in the playground forums and reddit rpg!

Happy Gaming!

Updates 08/01/2011

Put up the html version of the rules today. Also, a spiffy new character sheet is now available in the tab of the same name above.

Happy Gaming!

Maiden Voyage

Here it is Ladies and Gents, your very own resource for all things 2d6!

My name is Joshua Gager, and I’ve spent the last few years putting together this little beauty of a system with a lot of help from my friends. After countless hours of brainstorming, editing and playtesting I give you the newest member of the RPG scene: 2d6.

2d6 is meant to be a completely universal role playing-system aimed at new and casual gamers. Great for first-timers, one-shotters, or just those of you who are tired of the needlessly complex rules that seem to plague the gaming industry.

If this is your first foray into the world of gaming, I suggest you check out “The Basics” under the Rules tab above.

If you’re a seasoned gamer: 2d6 lies somewhere between Savage Worlds and Risus. It has enough complexity to give your characters depth, and offers enough customization to allow for endless replay value, while keeping things simple as far situational rules go.

All you need to play the game (as is implied by the name) are two six-sided dice and your brain.

Plans for the future include making a user submission form so that you 2d6ers out there can submit your own content (items, characters, plots, even whole game worlds!), a forum, and the first major premade setting, my own twist on a traditional swords and sorcery fantasy world.

To Download the PDF, just click here!

Now get out there and Game!