Update – 30 September

So it turns out I lied.

Torata, unfortunately, has taken a backseat to other projects, chiefly my two jobs and my biology degree. I am, however, in the process of a significant redesign with regards to the core rules of 2d6. The armor mechanic I mentioned in the last post has been scrapped, though the 0-10 difficulty modifiers and randomized dicerolls for DCs is staying after a few long nights of statistical analysis comparing the possible outcomes of this new system with the old one.

I’m also doing a boatload of research for the hard scifi setting, which I’ll give you a bit of information about in an upcoming post, once I’ve nailed things down a bit more. I want to make sure I do this right, since it’s so easy to fall into classic scifi tropes, a peril I’d like to avoid if at all possible. To give you an idea of what I’ve been doing, I’ll briefly list the areas I’ve been engaged in researching for the past two or three weeks:

  • Astronomy
  • Space Travel
  • Terraforming
  • Economics
  • Current World Politics
  • Possible Realistic Future Technologies (there’s actually an entire wikipedia page dedicated to this!)
  • Histories of America, Russia, China, India, England, France, Brazil, Germany, and Japan
  • Faster-than-light travel
  • Time Dilation
  • Cryogenics
  • Instantaneous communication
  • History and Sociology of Colonial Settlements
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Meteorology

Essentially, the plot is the same as the one I mentioned in an earlier post, though there’s only one goldilocks planet now. I’m taking my time on this, and have also considered doing a drastic redesign of Torata one last time using the same research principles I’m using for the scifi setting to make it as realistic a gameworld as possible (as realistic as it can get with elves and magic, anyway).

So to everyone who keeps checking the site, I promise I haven’t forgotten you. Developement of the core rules and both sample settings will continue to chug along no matter what, but I’ve given up on promising release dates, because unfortunately I’m just not in a position in my life right now to follow through on them.

A wise man once said to me, “Life is what happens when you’re making plans to do other things.”

Thanks to everyone who’s sticking around through these slow times. I promise it’ll be worth the wait, however long that may be.

Peace out.


News 2.15.2012

For those of you who may not have been hanging around the reddit RPG board, here are a few of those scrumption updates I promised!

The first is the creation of a 2d6 subreddit where you can talk about, playtest, and help create 2d6! You can find the link here.

The second is the beginning of a comprehensive wiki for the world of Torata. So far the only thing up is the information pertaining to races, but its growing by the day. Soon to come are the languages, currency, magic spells and, of course, history and geography of the Toratan continents. You can find the official Torata wiki here! I’ll still be working on the pdf version in conjunction, so updates will take a while, but I can guarantee this is the final revision of Toratan history/continuity. Any changes that happen after this will build on the existing story.

Thanks for sticking with 2d6 through this slow patch everyone. Now get out there and game!